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Are you looking for an online psychologist? The Sol Psychotherapy team can offer you fast and effective online help for your mental health complaints. Register today for a free advice consultation.
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Why Online Therapy

At Sol Psychotherapy we combine the traditional values of therapy with smart & innovative technology. Communication with your online psychologist will take place via the Niceday app. Using this app you are able to call, chat, video call, and send messages to your psychologist as well as register activities and keep a diary.

You can work together with your online psychologist, on your schedule, in a way that suits you best.h. Experience shows that online therapy is highly valued and effective

Occasionally an appointment can be made for a face to face session with your psychologist.

Mental health complaints

Our online psychologists treat various complaints.

The most common psychological complaints are:


Fears, worries, panic or anger


Depression, mood swings


Stress, fatigue and burnout


PTSD, feelings of revenge

Personality disorder

Narcissism, Borderline


Compulsive thoughts & behaviors

How we work:

Advice consultation

We will answer any questions you have and take a look together at whether you have come to the right place for online psychological help.


You will have an online intake with your psychologist, followed by a second intake interview with the supervising psychologist. If it turns out that it is not a good match then we can always connect you with another online psychologist.


Our therapies are intensive and do not last longer than necessary. The average treatment time is three to four months. In the therapy you will work on what is really important to you.


You will experience more peace of mind, balance and independence. After two months you will be called for a follow-up conversation with your online psychologist.

At Sol we strive to provide no waiting times. You have your own online psychologist. Our treatments are intensive and goal-focused. On average, treatment with a psychologist at Sol Psychotherapie lasts three to four months.

Why choose an online psychologist from Sol?

Online therapy can help you to feel happier, freer, healthier. The most effective element of psychotherapy is sincere, authentic contact with your psychologists where the right questions are asked.. Sometimes you will be comforted and sometimes you will be confronted, but always with respect and warmth. . We strive to offer trust, discretion and quality in everything we do.
Online psycholoog voor psychologische hulp
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