About Sol Psychotherapy

Sol Psychotherapy is an innovative online mental health care institution.

Making care more accessible

Our vision is that waiting lists in mental health care are outdated. We believe that the way mental health care is organized can be improved. Mental health care can be made more accessible and easy for both the client and the healthcare professional.

With Sol Psychotherapy we want to improve mental health care. We have the ambition to make waiting lists a thing of the past, to support professionals with their work, and to make effective mental health care available online.

Innovation in healthcare

Accessible mental health care requires innovation. That is why we combine digital technology with existing, evidence based treatment methods. Finally, we also incorporate the knowledge and experience of our healthcare professionals who offer a wide range of treatments.
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No waiting times

Did we mention we don’t like waiting lists? Our aim is that every client can start a treatment immediately, without a waiting list. We offer mental healthcare online. This allows a client to start treatment at any time at any location.

eHealth in mental healthcare

We use, among other things, the eHealth application, NiceDay. This app enables the professional and client to communicate remotely via chat, video calling and daily registrations. It offers guidance on progress, psycho-education, diaries, therapy exercises and uses various online treatment modules.
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Short treatment paths

By designing our treatment processes in an innovative way, we can offer more effective treatments. We also work together with other innovative partners and use various digital tools such as EMDR. Our need-driven way of providing care is intensive and therefore shorter in duration. Our treatments take an average of 3 to 4 months.

Mental healthcare provider

We treat various mental health complaints using various methods.

About the organisation

Sol Psychotherapy is an online healthcare provider.

Our clients and healthcare professionals are our main focus. Clients therefore rate us very highly. 

We are ISO 9001 certified.

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